VES Member Spotlight: Dr. Cassie Lux

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Dr. Cassie Lux is a native of Indiana and a life long Boilermaker thanks to her time at Purdue getting her DVM. She completed her rotating internship at Mississippi State and then trained for her surgical residency at UC Davis. She is currently an Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Tennessee where she has been since she completed her residency. She loves the mountains (Ol’ Rocky Top) and the food of East Tennessee.

Tell us about your current role (ie. Practice type, position, professional and research focuses?)

In the academic setting at UT my major goals are to make sure the MIS program can produce surgeons that are competent and enjoy MIS procedures. I enjoy all aspects of minimally invasive treatment options including Interventional Radiology at UT, and I hope to continue exposing our community these procedures. 

How do you incorporate MIS into your surgery clinic?

MIS is used in our hospital with the most basic procedures to reduce pain and shorten recovery times. I also love being able to educate consulting clinicians on all the ways MIS can be useful and offer those techniques to our community. If there is an MIS option, we will consider it!

What excites you about MIS? (or tell us about a MIS success story)

Many beyond-the-basic MIS techniques are ones I’m still trying to master, so I’m constantly learning. Being in a location that is supportive but previously didn’t offer much MIS, I can see the caseload building up, and that is rewarding and exciting. It’s amazing to be able to offer newer techniques to owners, particularly when there are few clinics offering those procedures.

Why do you love being a VES member?

VES is filled with doctors that promote a collaborative environment and are in constant support of others trying to develop programs and become more proficient. It’s welcoming and open to everyone. VES is also an amazing community of forward thinkers!

Where would you like to see veterinary MIS go in the future?

I think MIS should move towards becoming standard of care for veterinary patients. Consistent training of residents and surgeons is vital for making it more readily available to everyone. Cost considerations are often a limitation is some areas of the country, so I’d also like to find a sustainable way to make it affordable to everyone. 

What do you like to do for fun outside of veterinary medicine?

I love spending time with my Boston Terriers (Molly and Penny) and enjoying the outdoors of east TN. I also really enjoying listening to podcasts about true crime and reading. Traveling is a love of mine- new cultures, amazing sights, and delicious foods- and I can’t wait for that to become the normal again!