VES Member Spotlight: Dr. Frederico Massari, DVM, Dipl ECVS

Federico graduated in March 2005 from the University of Milan, he had a two year internship experience. In 2007 started the performing program of European College of Veterinary Surgeons supervised by Dr Giorgio Romanelli Dipl ECVS and Dr Aldo Vezzoni Dipl ECVS and in 2013 became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgery. Since 2018 is GPCert (SASTS).

He attended to a lot of national and international congresses, presenting clinical cases and published researches. Since 2009 he was speaker and instructor for national and international conferences and courses. He has publications on national and international indexed magazines. He is Author of chapter on soft tissue surgery and skin plasty reconstruction. Since 2011 is in the Credential Committee of the Italian Veterinary Surgery Society (SCVI) and become president in 2017. Since 2019 is Vice President of the Italian Society of Mininvasive Surgery (SICMIV)

In the year 2018 he was Assistant Professor at the University of Zurich. He work at the Clinica Veterinaria Nervianese with particular interest in Soft tissue, Oncologic and Mininvasive Surgery.

Tell us about your current role (ie. Practice type, position, professional and research focuses?)

I work as a Specialized Surgeon in the Referral Clinic of Nerviano. I’m the head of surgery with particular focus on Mininvasive and Vascular surgery. I always spent time studying adrenals tumors and I love to go deeply into this topic.

How do you incorporate MIS into your surgery clinic?

MIS is the focus in my everyday work. As a Referral Surgeon I had time to study advanced techniques on mininvasive procedures and I try not only to discover new mininvasive procedures, but I also try to find the correct indication for every procedure and for the correct indication.

What excites you about MIS? (or tell us about a MIS success story)

The right answer would be what excite me at the moment. Every time of my career had a different goal. In the first period of my residency I was in love with every MIS procedures. I spent time to reduce time and increasing procedures results. As soon as I started to find complications I tried to find the right mininvasive approach, for the right patient and with the right approach. At the moment I’m in love with adrenals advanced procedures, but I also love to increase my thoracic skills where I really note a complete recovery after surgery comparing to normal procedures.

Why do you love being a VES member?

I love it because I can share my same passion with colleagues. I can compare myself, discover different experiences from mine, have more interaction and meet new people from all over the world. Being a VES member means share the same love and researches.

Where would you like to see veterinary MIS go in the future?

I think it will find its precise location in the Surgery approach. In the future we will not be looking for inoperable neoplasms or for procedures with high complications. The real future step will be to codify minimally invasive procedures step by step as is done in human medicine. The approach to the problem will be precise, and the surgical techniques less dependent on the person who performs them and more precisely coded for the procedure.

What do you like to do for fun outside of veterinary medicine?

I love to travel and discover new places. I love basketball and surfing, despite living in Milan!